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Posted on 17.06.2016

Richard Kelly

Richard Kelly
Account Manager ANZ (Product Dept.)


The path to my current role at Perform began way back at Andy Cox’s old business – ESA in Leeds, for whom I worked for whilst studying at University.  ESA were bought out by Opta (or so I believe!) and my first full-time role came with them after I finished my studies.  18 months in I swapped data collection for editorial.  After a casual chat with Steve Cliffe – Opta’s representative in Sydney (and my first boss in the business) – I was booked on a plane to Australia just over 12 months later than that.  The role evolved and encompassed a lot more product problem-solving and customer service (the business case for moving in the first instance).  Then I was allowed to move departments and become an Account Manager in the ANZ Product department. Now it is nine months later.  I work in a team of four – driving the development roadmap and BAU work for the territory across a number of properties.  A high proportion of our time is spent looking after and nurturing our strategic partnership with Football Australia, as well as the likes of Sporting News Australia, NBA AU / NZ / JP, beIN Sports and others in the pipeline.


….is everything it is made out to be!  I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be here. Due to my fear of all things creepy-crawly, I wondered before I boarded the plane whether I’d last five minutes but thankfully they’ve left me alone so far, touch wood.  I left the UK as a city-type, but have now found a love for the outdoors because aside from its beautiful harbour; Sydney’s strength is really in its suburbs and beyond –  from its beaches to its many bush walks which are right on your doorstep.   Moving to Australia was always supposed to be a temporary thing for me – but swapping the northern beaches for the north of England or the Northern Line in London is not that high on my to do list any more!


We all know the size and strength of Perform but there is a real small pond community feel I believe.  On interstate and international visits of staff; it is very rare that a new face passes by without a polite greeting and chat. Equally from visits I’ve made to other offices – I’ve always had a warm welcome.  The opportunities I have been granted to move between departments – and territories – are a pretty rare thing I think and the willingness of the business to promote from within is there for all to see.